Student Management

AE-Connect streamlines the administration of student data. The user-friendly student management pages encompass multiple sections for student accounts, profiles, medical records, events, and messages. The student management area is governed by security permissions.

Synchronized Data

The distinctive feature of Student data in AE-Connect is that students are synchronized into AE-Connect via the NAD Dashboard Student ID Manager. Gone are the days of entering student data into multiple locations. Students are added to the NAD Student ID Manager and then synchronized manually into AE-Connect. The synchronization process generates a student account and automatically populates the student's name and birthdate.

Student Account

The Student Account houses essential student demographics, student contact, and parent contact information. This data will remain intact as students transfer to another school, provided they utilize the AE-Connect. This streamlined process alleviates the administrative burden for schools that enroll students already affiliated with Adventist Education.

Student Profile

The student profile section encompasses the student enrollment data, homeroom teacher, academic information such as IEP or 504 Plan, and general files for the student. The profile data is unique to each school and student.

Student Medical

The student medical section enables schools to store essential student information. It also provides the functionality to add medical records for allergies, diagnoses, health tests, medical files, immunizations, medical accommodations, and more. When adding a medical record, the school has the option to display it as an alert that will propagate throughout the system. This allows important medical information to be shared with individuals who need to be aware, even if they do not have access to the student medical page.

Student Messages

The student messages area offers a comprehensive record of the correspondence exchanged between the student and teacher, allowing administrators to effectively monitor the communication.

Student Portfolio

The student portfolio is a dedicated space where educational institutions can conveniently upload important documents for students, including report cards, transcripts, and admission paperwork.

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