AE-Connect allows flexible scheduling features that accommodate the most complex organizations. From simple day schedules to intricate class schedules that span elementary to secondary applications.

School Days and Day Templates

AE-Connect provides a wide range of scheduling features that empower educational institutions to create and manage multiple day templates tailored to their specific requirements. These templates can be set based on either the day of the week or the type of school day. For instance, a school might have one schedule for Monday through Thursday, but a shorter day schedule on Fridays. Alternatively, high schools may operate on an A & B Schedule.


Tracks are a feature of Day Templates that enable schools to incorporate multiple schedules/periods within a single day template. This feature provides schools with the opportunity to implement a traditional period schedule for grades 6-12, while simultaneously utilizing a simple day breakdown for grades 1-5. The introduction of tracks enables a high level of scheduling flexibility for larger schools and institutions with a K-12 structure, effectively eliminating the necessity of maintaining multiple Student Information System (SIS) accounts.

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