AE-Connect features an intuitive messaging area that is effortlessly navigable. Users can conveniently access their messages through the messaging icon located in the top right corner of AE-Connect.

The inbox

Users have an Inbox and a Sent Messages box. New Messages are created using the action menu located at the bottom left. Messages can be sent to one or more individuals using the recipient selection box.

Communicate with staff, students, and parents

Connected to familiar email applications

Messages are sent through the application to the teacher portal (AE-Connect), parent portal, or student portal to ensure confidentiality. The messaging feature enables users to send messages directly to their email address using the broadcast or alert options. If desired, recipients can reply directly from their preferred email application.



Students possess the capability to conveniently access their academic records, including grades, assignments, schedule, and attendance, through a dedicated student portal account. Moreover, the Student Portal offers students the opportunity to securely communicate with their educators by means of private messaging. The process for granting student access is facilitated through the student account screen for each educational institution.

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